The mission of Greenville Renaissance Scholars is to inspire, motivate, and prepare students to succeed on a college track through academic enrichment, college planning, leadership training, arts programming, and community experiences. We empower our Scholars to dream, think and act big. We depend on donations from individuals and sponsor organizations to continue working to provide opportunities to greater Greenville area Scholars.
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Virtual School Year Renaissance 2020-21!

Academics (including STEM)

SYR 20-21 includes English, Math, and Science projects that connect us virtually to the world around us. 

Art & Music 

SYR includes art lessons, creativity kits, and music mini-camps 

ACT Prep Saturdays

By being part of SYR 20-21, your Scholar receives free admission to our ACT Prep Saturday classes!



The mission of Greenville Renaissance Scholars
is to inspire, motivate and prepare middle school students to succeed on a college track.

GRS Goals

We fulfill our mission by striving toward the following goals:

  • Maintain a population of Scholars that consists of at
    least 75% students who are at-risk.

  • Increase academic achievement as measured by
    internal benchmarks and standardized tests.

  • Instill in our Scholars the social, interpersonal,and
    leadership skills necessary to make a positive impact
    on their community and succeed in the professional

  • Enable Scholars and families to understand the
    pathway to college and what it will take to be
    successful in college.

  • Ensure that underperforming high school Scholars
    receive the support needed to succeed in school.


GRS was founded by Margaret Joseph and a group of dedicated Greenville community members in 2007. Since then, GRS has served hundreds of middle school "Scholars" in the greater Greenville, Mississppi area. Our programs work to strengthen core academic skills and provide Scholars with enrichment experiences in the arts, college planning and exposure, and field experiences.

Our overall goal is to prepare middle school students to plan for college even before they enter high school.  There are no grade prerequisites to participate in our programs, just a demonstrated ability to respect others and work hard.  Our Scholars choose to put in the extra effort needed to ensure academic success and a future full of options.

323 S. Main St.

Greenville, MS 38701

"When you believe you can, you will"

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